Restaurante Maito

Calle 50, Panamá

Tel. 391-4657

Delivery: 6550-0377


Maito Review

One of the best restaurants in the city is in the Coco del Mar neighborhood. The kitchen is led by Mario Castrellón, an internationally acclaimed, creative young chef who has given a new twist to traditional Panamanian cuisine. Modern versions of dishes of Afro-Antillean, Chinese or Criollo origin, such as the Sancocho (Chicken and Yam Soup), Arroz con Pollo (Rice and Chicken), and Saus (Pickled Pigs feet) find its way into Castrellón’s continuously evolving menu. The restaurant, recently renovated and known for its urban garden where the chef grows local vegetables and herbs, is the «to go» restaurant in Panama City.

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